PH.R.S. is providing statutory services, either directly or indirectly, on behalf of several flag administrations. These services are in compliance with all applicable requirements imposed by the relative conventions of the International Maritime Organization - I.M.O.
The statutory work for every flag administration is ruled by the International Conventions that the flag has ratified and any applicable regulation that the flag itself has introduced.
PH.R.S. is providing statutory services with the greatest responsibility and impartiality and with full respect to the delegated authority that the respective flag administrations have entrusted.
PH.R.S. is providing statutory services for the following flags: 
PHRS's Plan & Appraisal dpt performes reviews, evaluations and approval of naval studies which are mandatory according to the International Maritime Conventions.
PHRS approval is carried out on the basis of the Rules & Regulations of the Society and the applicable maritime conventions and IMO resolutions. Such review and approval is carried out to:
  • Trim & Stability studies
  • Loading Manuals
  • Studies related to the Carriage of Grain
  • Strength Calculations, Damage Stability Calculations
  • SOPEP / SMPEP manuals, Water Ballast Management Plans, Cargo Securing Manuals etc.
PHRS's Plan & Appraisal dpt uses dedicated software in order to perform as appropriate. Such software includes AutoHydro (by Autoship), RulesCalc (by LRS), several tailored made software utilities etc.
The approval process of Plan & Appraisal dpt is fundamental for PHRS operation as, this is the basis of all technical appraisal work enabling the issuance of Class and Statutory certificates, being in compliance with Society's Rules & Regulations and international conventions.